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  • I am not a smoker; can I still use your products?
    Absolutely! Our products can be used in several different ways: make our blends into a tea, throw into your bath for an herbal soak, add to candles, mix with body wash for an exfoliant, etc!
  • Can I use your products while pregnant?
    We do not recommend using our products while pregnant due to the mild hallucinogenic of certain herbs. Please be cautious consuming herbs while pregnant.
  • What are smokable tea blends?
    Smokable tea blends are a combination of smokable herbs like mullein, damiana, lavender, rose, etc. Our tea blends can be smoked, made into a tea, and used for an herbal bath.
  • How discreet is your packaging?
    We package our products in brown boxes with no writing or logos on the outside. If you would like us to discreetly package your order on the inside as well, please let us know under “special instructions for seller” which can be found on the shopping cart page.
  • Why don’t you ship to Louisiana?
    Unfortunately, in 2005 the state of Louisiana “banned the cultivation and/or possession of 39 plants or other natural substances that are known or believed to have hallucinogenic properties.” We legally cannot ship to Louisiana as many of our herbs are on the banned list (ex: Damiana, Mugwort). *Please Note Our Golden Bliss Blend Can be Shipped to LA*
  • I get drug tested; can I still use your products?
    Don’t be fooled by our packaging! Our products contain no THC, CBD, or illegal substances which makes our blends perfect for those who randomly get drug tested.
  • How can I Manage/Cancel my Subscription?
    A Customer Portal is emailed after subscription is purchased. There you will be able to add/change products, cancel/pause subscription, update shipping address, or change payment method. Please email CS@TheFlowerPlugg if you have not received the customer portal.
  • Will your products cure my depression and/or anxiety?
    While our products can help with feelings of anxiousness or depressive like symptoms, our products are not to be used as a cure for mental health issues. The Flower Plugg is pro-therapy and we advocate speaking to a mental health professional regarding mental illnesses.
  • Can I take your products if I’m on medication?
    Please consult with your primary care physician before consuming if you are on prescribed medication. Some herbs can contradict with medications, for example, St. John’s Wort may decrease the efficiency of birth control. Please use at your own discretion.
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